Specifications and Certifications

DFARS stands for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. When it is included as part of a purchase order it invokes the Berry Amendment, also known as the “Preference for domestic specialty metals.” It requires that certain specialty materials used in the manufacture of fasteners in the United States be melted in the United States or in a qualifying country.

Hawk Fastener Services, LLC certifies that, at the present time, all stainless steel washer products are manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel using raw material melted in the U.S. or in a qualifying country and are DFARS compliant.

Certification beyond that described above will generally not be available. Please note that specific formula, composition or content information is proprietary and is therefore not available.

Unless otherwise stated by Hawk Fastener Services, LLC in writing, this information represents Hawk’s knowledge and belief based on information provided by suppliers to Hawk Fastener Services, LLC