Founder and CEO Joe La Mantia
with son Joe Jr. at the 2002 Las Vegas
Fastener Show

About Us

Hawk Fastener Services, L.L.C. opened its doors in 1997 stocking MAXBOND™ bonded sealing washers and assembly machines capable of assembling bonded sealing washers onto many different types of fasteners.

Over the last 9 years we have grown to have the largest stock of bonded sealing washers in the Midwest and are now stocking hex washer head self drilling screws in zinc plated steel with or without bonded sealing washers attached.

With our state of the art assembly machines, we have the capability to handle assembly orders, which can range in size from a couple of cartons to truckload quantities.

We specialize in JIT and blanket orders. Space is set aside in our warehouse for customers to send in pallets or truckloads of fasteners that we will stock and assemble with bonded sealing washers to be shipped on dates specified by the customer.

to stock and assemble parts as needed, many of our customers supply the boxes to be packed, labeled and electronically scaled to specific quantities. Parts can be shipped back to the customer or drop shipped to any location.

The latest addition to the services we provide is our MAXCOAT™ powder coating line. We now have the ability to supply the bonded sealing washer, assemble them onto fasteners and powder coat assembled fasteners all under one roof.